Custom Bathroom Renovation and Remodelling Service In Bulli

AJB Bathrooms is a well-known bathroom renovation company. Being in the industry for over 22 years, our expert renovators ensure that each aspect of every project is taken care of. We have been expanding our horizon across Australia as bathroom renovation specialists via quality renovation service. Our expert team is always ready to assist you with bathroom remodelling, no matter the size.

Whether you want a personalised space, master bathroom renovation, small bathroom renovation, or a New bathroom installation. We can do it all. Share your ideas with us and watch your dream bathroom come to life. At AJB Bathrooms, our team provides quality service. Our qualified team of carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, tilers and more have a profound knowledge of what fits best in a space. Our durable renovations and insured services have brought satisfaction to many customers.

Often bathrooms are allotted small spaces and are neglected by builders. A small space need not be a waste. With a professional bathroom renovation contractor, you can get a bathroom that is functional and durable. We are fully insured and equipped to work in every kind of environment.

Need the best small bathroom plan? Designers at AJB Bathrooms will help you build a small functional bathroom with pleasing aesthetic. Our services come at competitive prices

Planning To Renovate a Custom Laundry Room? Let Us Help You!

Laundry room renovation by AJB Bathrooms creates brilliant designs for your basement laundry room. We make sure that you have ample storage capacity. with our expert small laundry renovation ideas. With our excellent craftsmanship, we renovate that neglected area into an appealing and practical corner. So that you enjoy a great workspace along with convenience. Choose a design from our pamphlet for your laundry remodel. You can get your custom laundry room remodelling faster and at affordable only at AJB Bathrooms in Bulli.

We believe in delivering nothing but the best. Local bathroom Renovation services offered by our staff are second to none. Homeowners in Bulli trust us for a durable, multifunctional laundry room renovation. Unique laundry room setup should be a roomy storage space where you can efficiently organise items. Large countertops are also a huge advantage. More often than not, small spaces are allocated for laundry rooms. Thus, coming up with a design that maximizes the allotted space is essential. Lighting in such limited spaces is also important. Choose AJB Bathrooms to remodel your space into a convenient laundry room.

Do You Need a Bathroom Designer? Let Our Expert Designers Design It.

Planning a design that suits the space and implementing the plan into action is the key to a successful bathroom remodel. It is always advisable to hire a professional for bathroom planning and bathroom renovation. Whether you want to work on a small bathroom renovation or wish to have a Jacuzzi style bathroom, we are among the best bathroom designers in Bulli.

Rated as one of the finest bathroom planner across the state, we always provide our clients with quality advice and effective strategy for custom bathroom renovation. Whether you are on the lookout for a residential or commercial bathroom renovation builder, our team of designers will always keep the idea of your preferences in mind. Hence, if your bathroom is a commercial space, it will always reflect your business idea.

Why Should I Renovate My Bathroom?

If you have been living with the same old bathroom, then you probably need a fresh design for your powder room. Here are a few reasons to consider a Luxury bathroom renovation:

  • Repair or replace old and broken pipes
  • Increase property value of the estate
  • Modern design with numerous facilities
  • Organised bathroom and laundry
  • Honest advice from experts
  • Custom design
  • Adding smart features
  • Increasing functionality
  • Enhancing space
  • Include environmentally friendly adaptations

And the list goes on. The reasons are plenty. If you are getting your home renovated, never forget your bathroom. It may always remain behind the closed doors but it is one of the most important corners of your house. It is used frequently. Whether it is designing, tiling, or painting it needs to be maintained. Our local bathroom renovation service can serve you in any corner of your city.

If you are also looking for reliable laundry and bathroom renovation contractors,  AJB Bathrooms is the perfect fit for you. To get a non-obligation bathroom renovation quote call us on 0437 245 905 or email us on today.